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Don 2 Trailer - Video Youtube

Here's what to expect from Don 2 Trailer

The world is waiting for the first Trailer of Don 2
Don't be surprised! You may not be able to see the promo of Don 2 so soon but you may picture it in your mind.

A close source who happened to see the sneak peek of Don 2 teaser trailer a few weeks ago informs us, "Don 2 is a true sequel to make, cause to make a sequel to an original story like Don it is very difficult to keep up to the expectations of the first film. The teaser surely does live up to that expectations and what a teaser it is. Don 2 looks bigger in terms of visuals and content and action. We always wanted to know how Farhan Akhtar is going to do it but after the trailer it seems Farhan and Shah Rukh Khan have hit the nail bang on and hard."
"The Trailer kicks off with SRK in jail in his dreadlocked look. There are cuts of SRK's introduction and a background song that signifies that he is back. It's the theme of Don playing in your ears as you see the action ripple the big screen. There are explosions and SRK jumping off a tall building and Priyanka Chopra coming in small clips here and there. It's a one minute Trailer where you also see SRK standing on a small power jet boat with wind hitting his hair introducing the fearless Don aka Shah Rukh Khan. The trailer ends with explosion and smoke coming out SRK's mouth, a continuation from the last shot of how Don ended."

One thing's sure from the above Don 2 Trailer description: There is no smoke without fire and Don 2 surely looks a sizzling date at the box office that's going to burn the celluloid with its grandness of action sequences and explosions. Can you guys visualise it?
Via. http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/features/2011/05/25/7510/index.html


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